Panama Hattie

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General information

Sample: true

Studio: MGM

IMDB link: tt0035170

Director(s): Roy Del Ruth , Norman Z. McLeod , Vincente Minnelli

Release date (New York): 1942


Adaptation: adapted from a Broadway musical

Remake: false

Censorship / Reception

PCA Verdict on the first submitted script: basically acceptable with minor changes

Censored Content: ethnic representation , forbidden song , narrative-minor problem , other

States where the film was censored: Australia , New Zealand , Eire , Sweden , Argentina

Legion of Decency: A2

Protestant Motion Picture Council: empty

Harrison's Reports: empty

Film Estimate Board of National Organizations: empty

25 min
Running time for all numbers
79 min
Movie running time
1516 sec
Running time for all numbers
4740 sec
Movie running time
Ratio number/total length
138 sec
Average running time for the numbers in Panama Hattie
149 sec
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