Starting time code: 01:18:09

Ending time code: 01:23:11

Length: 302 sec

Beginning: beginning of sequence

Ending: ending of sequence

Outlines: no data

Completeness: complete, satisfying and uninterrupted

Structure: variations

Shots: 7

Average shot length: 43 sec

Performance: song+dance

Number directed by: William A. Seiter

Performer(s): Ginger Rogers

Cast: no data

Stars who don't participate: no data


Diegetic spectators: yes + address

Diegetic status of the number: rehearsal, casting, recording session, etc.

Diegetic status of the music: no diegetic music


Topic(s): female lead / male chorus , childish and playful , I sing about Love

Diegetic place: Hollywood

Imaginary place: no data

Ethnic stereotypes: no data

Exoticism: no data

Music & dance

Song: no data

Musical ensemble: band or orchestra

Dubbing: no data

Tempo: tempo varies

Musical styles: Swing (Hot)

Arrangers: no data

Dance director: Hermes Pan

Dance ensemble: solo(s) , other small group (8 and more)

Dancing type: tempo varies

Dance subgenre: jazz , tap dance , theater dance

Dance content: soft shoe


Source: Original number created for the film

Quotation: no data